“Life is too short to not do something that you love.”

Soon after his mother passed in 2008, Shane Monahan began to do just that. By 2010, he had quit his day job and embarked upon a career in photography. What started as moonlighting, taking senior pictures, grew into a passion of capturing memories from the biggest day of others’ lives- wedding day.

Shane is no amateur photographer. After meeting world-renowned photographer Jerry Ghionis at a conference for the Professional Photographers of America, Shane set his sights on that level of work. Shane completed multiple in person workshops, online training and even became friends with his mentor, Jerry Ghionis. “I decided early, if I was going to do this, I wanted to learn from and emulate the best photographers in the world, like Jerry.”

Shane has built his business in a big way, starting with being very active in bridals shows and wedding events. He’s photographed over 100 weddings and has even photographed weddings in Cancun and Ecuador. On top of great photos, Shane offers a personal touch for clients through the creation of handmade, customizable photo albums from Italy. He wants his photos to look timeless and romantic, not cheesy. We’re sure you’d like them that way, too.

If you’re interested in knowing about his work, know this: “The most important part of my job is focusing on the couple and making sure that the day flows smoothly,” he says. And he knows what he’s shooting. He and his wife have been together for eighteen years and the couple works together for his photography business.

Great shots, great education, and a passion for creating romantic photos you’ll cherish forever. If you’re looking for these things from your wedding photographer, consider Shane Monahan for your big day.