Travel isn’t just something Emily Jones of Jones Journeys does for fun- it’s her passion to help you enjoy the vacation of your dreams at a dream price.

Since the age of 20, Emily has been an avid traveler, planning trips for and with her friends. She found her passion by finding her friends the best deals for their excursions. “I have always loved the sense of adventure travel brings,” she says, “and I would appreciate you letting me serve as your advisor to your travel needs.”

When helping you plan your great escape, Emily often starts by asking the goal of the vacation, whether it’s to relax, to try new activities, or whatever else her clients wish. Whether you’re traveling alone or in a large group, Emily wants to ensure that everyone’s needs are met. Whatever your wish is, she’s excited to plan whatever you’d love about your vacation. She’s steeped in all kinds of travel, too, though her preference is all-inclusive cruises. She’s traveled on a dozen cruises herself and enjoys the relaxing nature of the everything-is-included, all-expenses-paid trip.

Something that makes relaxation more difficult is all the planning that preparing for a trip entails. People spend 40, 50, even 60 hours researching and planning a trip, so Emily is glad to care for that aspect of your vacation, saving you time and money along the way. She can save you hundreds of dollars using her experience and know-how, too. “I’m ready to save you time and stress,” she says, and she won’t disappoint.

Her formula for relaxation and savings has earned her a lot of repeat business and she’s planned multiple trips for many customers.

Your vacation shouldn’t cause you any sort of worry. If saving time, money, and stress sounds good, give Emily and Jones Journeys a try when preparing for your next vacation.