Marriage and weddings are full of tradition. Often, we need advice and ideas on how to carry those traditions out or even start our own. This page will be a great resource for anyone involved in a wedding as we’ll provide you with information you’ll find helpful and interesting regarding time-honored (or newly-established) wedding traditions.

A tip on traditions-We are all here because we had a mother and a father, who also had mothers and fathers, who also…you get the idea. We also know that family traditions are often very important to keep alive, especially when it comes to weddings, sentimental mothers, nostalgic grandads and more. Here’s a tip for those who are soon to be married: ask your mother, father, grandma, uncle, brothers and any other family member who has been married in the past about traditions they carried on during their ceremonies. We suppose we are being sentimental or emotional here, but we recognize that sometimes, these things are uber-important to your descendants.

Did your mom get married in her mother’s dress? Does she want you to do the same?

Would your soon-to-be in-laws want you to ask for their blessing before popping the question?

Are there religious rituals or rites that are insisted upon that you should consider?

Any and all of these questions are important to someone who cares about you, so why shouldn’t you think about them? Here’s the worst-case scenario if you don’t heed our advice: You ask your mate to marry you, you plan a wedding and reception, you invite “him” or “her,” you eat “this” or “that,” on and on… You think everything went perfectly, but your mother is beside herself because you didn’t carry on some tradition that has happened since the beginning of your family’s time on this planet. All because you didn’t ask about traditions, rituals, the other side of the family, etc.

Just ask. It won’t hurt and you could save yourself from doing something that will hurt feelings or cause regret.