Per capita, Omaha is the one of the nation’s leaders in restaurants. We’re in a beef state, so steakhouses are easy to find, but just about everything else can be found (easily) here, too.



From downtown to midtown, bustling and rejuvenated neighborhoods in older parts of town, all the way out to west Omaha and the suburbs, dining options are many in our city. And when it comes to casual dining, anything from ramen to sushi to filet mignon can be found not far from anywhere in town.

On your wedding day, you’re probably going to be situated in one spot for the duration. On the days and nights before, however, you, your in-town guests, and visitors from outside “The Big O” will be eager to see what Omaha has to offer in the way of eats.

For pre-wedding get-togethers with family and/or friends, you can have your pick in Omaha. We’ve got the big franchise restaurants, we’ve got trendy/specialty spots featuring the latest craze in dining, but we’ve also got family-owned restaurants that have been Omaha staples for decades. Kid-friendly spots, places with full bars and menus, outdoor dining — you name it, this food town can meet your needs.

Any part of town can accommodate your dining adventures with many choices, but here are some areas of town that you may want to travel to for a special, casual dining experience:

Downtown – The Old Market and North Downtown (NoDo) have a nice mix of contemporary eateries featuring the latest in casual dining, national restaurant franchises, and mom-and-pop-type places Omaha has loved for years.

Midtown – The Blackstone District, Midtown Crossing, and neighborhoods like Benson and Dundee are full of great casual dining options. Gastro-pubs, joints that specialize in one country’s fare or a certain kind of booze, restaurants featuring trendy items and dining experiences are heavy in these places, but again, whatever you seek is likely just around the corner.

West Omaha – Shopping centers are many as you travel west and shopping centers need restaurants. The big franchises are easier to find out west, but independently-owned spots (new and old) are many, too.

Florence (north 30th Street) and South Omaha also have great options, old and new.

These areas are your likely destinations, but Omaha is, as we say, a big city made up of many small towns. Each neighborhood and section of the city has much to offer and you’ll find great places to dine with your wedding guests, family, or date anywhere you look.

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