If your ceremony or reception locale has a kitchen on site, you’re in luck! But if it doesn’t, you’ll likely need a caterer to feed your wedding party and hungry guests. Peruse our listings in the Caterers category to get your meals taken care of.


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Your options for food caterers are endless. We’ve seen weddings use a food truck. We’ve seen a bride and groom order enough Kentucky Fried Chicken for all their guests. These are non-traditional options, but options nonetheless. Most likely, if you are catering a wedding reception, you’ll have a company bring in a meal with multiple courses, appetizers, and maybe even drinks. All caterers are different, so the best advice we’ve got is to study a few, look at their menus (and see if you can sample the food before!), gauge value and price, then choose the best fit.

What does a caterer do?

Catering companies are businesses that bring food to your event. Often, they also provide tablecloths, napkins, silverware, plates, and more. For a fee, the company will help you select a menu, set up food stations, help you decide whether to serve buffet-style or serve each guest, and take away all the used dinnerware and food. In some instances, you can take leftover food home — after all, you paid for it!


Types of food a caterer can provide:

Like we said, all caterers are different. You may choose a deli that can bring fresh meat and cheese trays, seafood platters, fruit and veggies trays and other like items. Larger and catering-only companies will likely have the full gamut of options from appetizers to heavy entrees. With the advent of so many specialty restaurants, you can likely get any kind of food you want for your wedding.


Some tips on picking a caterer:

Your preferences are your preferences, so ask up front whether your caterer can provide everything you want. Study menus and prices. Many charge by the plate, so make sure you have a number of guests for them and they have a solid dollar amount for you. Surprises are no fun.

Try the food before if you can! What would be worse than getting food that tastes like it came from a freezer?

Get reviews from friends, family, and online– other brides and grooms will surely review their caterers if they had a great (or not so great) experience.

Look into hidden fees. Does your caterer charge you for something that another company does not? If a company has these miscellaneous charges here and there, they’ll add up. The food can be the most expensive part of your wedding, so be frugal as possible while getting everything you want.

Communicate everything you want to the caterer. Make sure all guests have options. You’ll likely have guests who don’t drink. You’ll likely have vegetarian or vegan guests and they’ll want to eat something other than the chicken or beef options you chose. If your caterer is handling the bar, make sure you’ve got all the staples and the bartenders know exactly what is expected.


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