What’s a wedding without flowers? Well, it’s likely plain, not colorful, and maybe a little boring. Not always, but flowers are a popular staple at most wedding ceremonies, even receptions.


Closeup portrait of a bride holding flowers. Focus on flowers

Just like cake, it seems a wedding isn’t complete without flowers. Florists, shops that specialize in faux flowers, plants, trees and more will be important to you and the look of your venues, so check out wedding flower ideas in our Stories.

Flowers are typically everywhere at a wedding ceremony and reception. On the church pews. In the bride’s hands. On the groom’s suit jacket. Centerpieces, random decor, etc.
And the right flowers are important. Whether they give the right aroma, whether they bring your theme and wedding color schemes together, or whether making your reception tables pop, flowers are essential.
And while flowers are so important, you have so many options. Some brides love to make their own flowers. There are craft stories and wedding outlets that have literally hundreds of faux flowers that can help you create bows, bouquets, centerpieces, and everything else. Do-it-yourselfers can have a ball with flowers. There are also many great florists who can create, display, and decorate using fresh flowers that look and smell wonderful.
After you’ve made your choices on kinds of flowers, colors, and the number of flowers you’ll need, determine whether you want to go with fake or real floral arrangements. After this, find the best craft store or florist to help you make the look of your wedding perfect.
While your wedding will likely be a stressful time, it will also be fun and full of happiness. Flowers are one aspect of the wedding that can turn into a lot of fun. Create your own bouquet with friends and family! Design your perfect centerpiece using fresh or faux flowers! Opportunities to impress with flowers are limitless, so have a good time with it.