Wherever your wedding will be, wherever you live, there’s a food store just around the corner in Omaha that can help you with wedding needs and daily shopping. From neighborhood markets to shopping center anchors, you’re never far away from the perfect food store or supermarket.

Young couple shopping in a supermarket

When thinking about food for your wedding, you may not necessarily think of a supermarket as a place that can help, but then you’d be wrong!

Markets big and small can help you cater your wedding. Wedding cakes are also something certain markets can help you with. Depending on your wedding’s food and dessert needs, there are many markets that can help with the eats and treats for your big day. Pay your favorite store a visit and see how it can help!

And when you just need to find a place to start your now-married food shopping together, your choices are nearly unlimited.

Omaha is home to local chains and family businesses that run anything from a healthy natural food store to a giant supermarket. National retailers are everywhere as well. Whether you shop in bulk, want the store with everything, or you’re looking for a specialty store in your neighborhood, you’ll find it.

Farmer’s Markets happen all year in Omaha, too. These are great places to find local and fresh food items, but also places to discover local artists who can sell you special items you may need for your wedding or reception. You might be surprised at the size and scope of Omaha’s Farmer’s Markets, so don’t forget about them!

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