It’s your wedding day for heaven’s sake. Get yourself looking and feeling fine! Part of that is hair and nails; a must for brides. Many brides have a lot of fun getting these things done together, so not only will you look great, you can make some memories while you’re at it.


Portrait of a smiling woman with wet hair isolated on a white background. Looking at camera

Many of you are likely pretty good with hair and nails for the everyday stuff. Going out to eat, heading to an event, or simply looking great for work. But when it comes to hair and nails for a wedding, there are some other things in play.

For hair, it’s difficult to do an “up-do” by yourself. No one wants to be the bride with the strange hair! Any salon or stylist can help you and your wedding party look like “tens” when you all stroll down the aisle. Another little something about wedding hair- brides and bridesmaids have traditionally gotten hairdos all done up together, at the same time. It’s part of the social aspect of your wedding. Find a salon, book a few hours on the morning of your wedding and have a ball with your buds.

With nails, often times it’s about being individual and standing out. Special designs and colors can bring out one’s personality. But like the group hair idea above, many brides and bridesmaids want their fingers and toes to match, often coinciding with color schemes present at the wedding and ceremony. This is another opportunity to enjoy each other’s company, get all matchy, and look cute together. The day before the wedding, book a nail salon for a few people (moms and grandmas love these things also!) and get looking right as a group.

New styles and practices are always being created, so check out our Stories page for ideas on what to do with hair and nails in preparation for your big day.