Living with your spouse-to-be may have already happened, but for many, marriage provides the first opportunity to live together. And living together in your first home as a couple is an exciting time. When this time comes to ditch the futon and that other hand-me-down furniture, move out of the place you’ve been staying with friends, or finally spread your wings and leave your parents’ nest, you’ll need a little guidance in learning to live with each other, and decorate!

happpy young woman reading magazina at home in comfortabel sofa and bright living room

Part of starting your life anew with your partner is centered on each other’s “stuff.” Guys, your apartment full of sports memorabilia is likely gone forever. Gals, though we know a woman’s touch is important, you’ll have a new person to share space with and, probably, compromise a bit. Omaha is full of home furnishing stores that offer anything and everything, so you’ll find some common ground a develop a shared taste for decorating your new place. From thrift shops in trendy neighborhoods to big box stores full of everything you can think of, Omaha’s home stores have it all.

But what if you are deciding on where and what to live in? This is the obvious first step when thinking about living together and Omaha has every type of dwelling. Small apartments and big can be found all over town. Condos, townhouses, multi-family and single family homes are in every part of town. Decide what you want, where you want it, and how to get it.

Real estate agents are paid to find you the perfect place and Omaha has many firms to help you in your search. If you are looking for an apartment, there are many property companies that have multiple options in all parts of town. A meeting with one of these folks can be beneficial, too.

So, whether you have a place and need to decorate OR you need to find a spot to call home, your options are many. Make a plan, get a sense for each other’s tastes and embark upon your living together with excitement!

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