Omaha may be the host for your wedding (your biggest event), but it’s also home to many other giant events throughout the year. And because of this, we’ve got plenty of hotel options all around town.


hotel reception

With about 13,000 hotel rooms available on any given night, it’s fair to say you can find the right place to stay for your wedding and/or accommodate anyone who needs a place to stay during your big event.

Every corner of the city has motels that can be rented for reasonable prices. Hotels within the city are also relatively affordable and can meet anyone’s needs.

Boutique hotels are great for an intimate and personal experience whether you’re staying for a wedding or visiting Omaha for your honeymoon. Family-friendly hotels with pools, water parks, free breakfast, and more are easy to find as well. Everything in between can be found here and, like Omahans say, wherever you are in town, you’re within 15 minutes of everyplace else.

Identify the part of town you’d like to be in to start. If you are wanting downtown, with its suite-style accommodations, proximity to attractions, or boutique hotels, you’ll likely spend more than anyplace else. If you’re looking for someplace near the interstate for travel ease, you’re in luck as the interstates run straight through or around town. The middle of the city is also convenient and offers just about every kind of stay one might be looking for.

Whether it’s a convenience thing or a romantic setting you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find it in Omaha. Our Stories page will highlight some of the great places to stay while you’re in town, celebrating a wedding or anything else.