We all know how much the perfect dress means to the bride, but what would a couple look like on the altar with a bride in a designer dress and a groom in a hand-me-down, rugged-looking, non-matching suit? Guys want to look great, too, and there are an endless number of options available to the groom and groomsmen.


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Sometimes tradition is the best way to go. A tuxedo, a three-piece suit — these are a couple of staples in groomswear. But what if you want to spice it up a little to show your personality or start a trend in wedding day wears? You don’t have to look far to see what’s new and hot in menswear for wedding days.

But before we get into options, your first move should be to run your attire or attire ideas past your bride. You don’t want to overshadow her. After all, the centerpiece of nearly every wedding is the bride and her look. Do that first, fellas.

Go off of her style. If she’s looking elegant and classic, maybe a traditional suit or tux is the way to go. If she’s dressing with a little more flair, get yourself a little of that too! Just make sure everything works well together.

So how to add a little drama to your wedding day clothing? Here are a couple of things you can play with to make your get-up pop:

  • ties- wear a bow tie, pick a bright color, wear a bolo, even go without for a casual look. There’s a giant tie industry out there with hundreds of manufacturers that do anything from traditional to cutting edge. Your bow tie can be made out of reclaimed wood. Your tie clip can be a personal note. Be creative.
  • socks- patterns are in. Graphic socks are in. If you don’t want to get too crazy, wear a solid color that appears in your bride’s color scheme. Your groomsmen can get in on this fun, too.
  • shoes- the shiny black loafer is still a classic, but maybe the theme of the wedding lends itself to being a little more creative? Saddle shoes? Cowboy boots? Sandals? Play around, just make sure it fits with your bride’s theme, dress, and color scheme.
  • color coordination- pocket squares, ties, socks, and more can look great in your outfit. Contrasting colors can look great. Uniformity is also dapper.
  • boutonnieres- most guys go with a simple flower that fits in the theme of the wedding and its decor. However, things are getting a little bit more elaborate. Create your own boutonniere with a flower, an artifact, a personal note. Get creative.

You can rent a suit. You can rent a tux. You can also get a suit tailored to be just right. It’s all up to you and your budget. Just make sure you are looking your best for yourself and for your bride. After all, this is your wedding day, too!

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