Most weddings sort of go down like this:

A ceremony takes place. A reception with food and cocktail/social hour follows. After everyone has eaten and gotten friendly, it’s time to dance. Music is a big part of everyone’s culture and having the right music and person playing your music is important.

Hand of dj adjusting sound

Hand of dj adjusting sound


Entertainment is a big part of nearly every ceremony and reception. You’ll need to consult with your venue on what is available to you (sound systems, technology, etc.) and a disc jockey or officiator can help fill in the blanks. Wedding music and post-ceremony entertainment is important. If you need the help of a D.J., an entertainer or family band, our Music category will direct you to the help you need in picking songs, playing them and setting the scene.

What are my options for wedding music?

Many brides and grooms hire a disc jockey (DJ) to run the show. He or she often has a big setup with speakers, music playing equipment, a computer, lights and more. Some DJs charge by the hour while others charge a flat fee for the event.

Other couple don’t want their wedding to turn into a dance party. In these cases, there’s often a private musician or band you can hire to play just what you want to set the tone.

Many venues have a sound system of some kind. Check with the venue to see what they can play and who will play it. Often, couple have a playlist on a CD or an MP3 player that they run throughout the night.

These are probably the most popular three options with a professional DJ getting the most use.

For information on hiring a DJ, a private band or player, and more, visit our Stories page. We’ll have more content there that will help you decide which way to go when thinking about music at your wedding.