Wedding plan

Planning a wedding is hard work. If you feel as if you’ll be overwhelmed with the task of organizing your event, you may want to employ the services of a party and event planning company. These consultants have the necessary Wedding Planning experience and advice that will take the headache out of planning, scheduling, contacting all parties involved and help you focus on yourself.

What does a wedding planner do?

It sounds like an obvious answer to a simple question, but if you’ve ever been involved in planning and preparing for a wedding, you know that there are many things (big and small) that need attention before, during, and after your big day. Wedding planners can help you pay attention to everything that requires thought, even down to the smallest detail that may not seem important. There really are a thousand things to keep in mind and wedding planners can help you dot every “i” and cross every “t.” Every last thing will be handled and the extra help is great. You may not think you’ll need it, but it’s nearly impossible to do everything all by yourself.

Wedding planners can and will help with anything you ask them to, including:

  • setting a schedule and sticking to it. A calendar is essential, as is time management. Wedding planners are in the business of staying on top of things and never letting precious time slip away.
  • recommending services and vendors. Whether your wedding is small or extra-huge, you’ll likely need to rent something, have someone create an aspect of your ceremony or reception, cater food and drink, buy supplies and hire help of some kind. Wedding planners can point you in the right direction, keeping your standards in mind and always paying attention to budget. There are many choices when it comes to every detail of your wedding and planners will provide you with options that fit, suggest options that may work better than you thought, OR tell you who or what to steer clear of. They’re pros, so the advice is probably sound and inevitably helpful.
  • helping you stay within your budget. By understanding the industry, vendors, your wishes and everything else, a wedding planner can manage your budget and make sure there are no surprises when it comes to paying for what it takes to make everything happen. We’d all love to think money isn’t an issue when it comes to wedding days, but a little careless spending can make things rough. Planners will keep you on track and help you figure out where your dough should go.
  • work with your choices of vendors. Planning all by yourself is very difficult and one part of the difficulty is communicating with everyone you need to communicate with. You likely have dozens of people with a job to do before, during, and after your wedding; keeping up with all of them and making sure they are handling their responsibilities can seem like a full-time job. A planner can take some of the burden off of you by fielding calls, sending correspondence, checking up on everyone involved while keeping you in the loop. Especially as the wedding date sneaks up on you, you’ll appreciate not having to be the only one calling around to see if everything is the way it should be during your preparation. Your planner can also sit in for you in meetings and consults, allowing you to focus on life outside of wedding prep.
  •  helping you create the perfect look and feel for your ceremony and reception. There are planners who specialize in “designing” weddings, but any planner can help your vision come to life. By nature, planners are detail-oriented and can aid you in figuring out everything that should go into the design/theme you are hoping for.


Why consider a wedding planner?

Maybe you’ve planned events before. Maybe you’ve even helped with a friend of family member’s wedding preparation. You know what you are doing, right? It’s possible. It’s also possible that you will underestimate the giant task that is organizing and planning everything. Even if you think you can manage it all by yourself of with the help of friends and family, it doesn’t hurt to inquire about what a specific planner can do for you. He or she can plan it all OR he or she can help with just what you want a little help with. Talk to a couple planners, see if there’s a need and fit. If you decide you’ll be okay going it alone, go for it. Entertaining the idea of having a little help will likely help in some way though.


Keep an eye on the Stories page for more about Wedding Planners. A planner just might be the key to keeping you (almost) stress-free as you prepare to write your own wedding story.

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