Looking for a destination wedding site? How about an exotic location for a romantic honeymoon? Travel experts can help you choose the right locales to make your wedding experience the best it can be! You also have “the world at your fingertips” with all the information available online.

Wedding of a married couple, bride and groom, together at sunset on a beautiful tropical beach

We live on a giant planet with endless numbers of places that can accommodate your wedding, reception, getaway, and honeymoon. Sometimes the family church is the right place for you. Sometimes the best honeymoon spot is somewhere you are familiar with and love. Other times, you want to sneak away to a private paradise, find a new place to love, and make memories in a foreign land unique to you and your partner. Travel and destination weddings are pretty common these days, but you can explore the world and make your wedding uncommon, exotic, or anything else you want!

There are resorts in thousands of touristy places around the globe. There are airlines that can get you to (or at least very close to) all of these places. There are hideaways all over this land and others. And once you pick a spot to celebrate your wedding, you’ll need help getting there, figuring out where to stay, how to accommodate your guests, and deciding what you’ll do while away.

And while there are huge websites that can offer plane tickets, hotel rooms, vacation packages, and more, travel companies have the know-how and inside information (and deals!) you’ll want to plan your perfect destination wedding.

Logistics are important. Budgeting is important. Advice on where to go and where to stay away from is important. Travel companies provide help with all this and more.

And getting there is only one part of it all.

Are you travelling somewhere that might prompt you to be immunized for the area’s common diseases? Are you travelling somewhere that might not have accommodations for all your guests? There are a number of decisions to make when planning to marry away from home. Travel pros can help you answer all these things.

So, whether you want to get married in the land of your ancestors, on an exotic beach somewhere warm, or in a place you never imagined going, you’ve got some homework to do. Travel professionals can help along the way. Our Stories section provides more information and tips on destination weddings and travel, so check it out as you plan to write your Wedding Story!