Cakes are to weddings as air is to breathing. Whether you go with a traditional tiered cake, cupcakes, or some other variation, your guests will want cake and you’ll want to smash it in your partner’s face for a great wedding memory.


close up of a simple and beautiful wedding cake

Just like everything else, wedding cake has evolved over the decades. The days of the tiered cake that’s simple, vanilla, and iced are not over, but the options for you are exponentially greater.

And as the wedding industry grows and tastes change, there are hundreds of cake-creating companies ready to make just what you want.

What are my options for getting a cake?

Your aunt might be an at-home cake genius. You can have her make a cake to save some money. You can visit a supermarket and order a cake from a catalog. You can also hire a professional cake making company to create your custom cake, groom’s cake, cupcakes, and anything else you can dream up.

And as we said before, you aren’t limited by anything in terms of flavor or style anymore. Strawberry cake, red velvet cake, maple bacon icing, pink champagne flavor… The list goes on. The best place to go if you have an elaborate idea or taste is a professional cake creating company.

And as you want your cake to be perfect, we’d recommend (if you’re going the professional route) sitting down with a baker and designer before picking out what you want. One of the most delightful things about wedding preparation can be the cake taste testing session! Try a handful of cake flavors. Whipped icing, buttercream, specially-flavored toppings and more are available in these cake-only businesses.

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